O.G.’s Jamaican Sorrel Hibiscus Elixir (O.G. for short)
Named after Dani’s son’s grandfather who used to make a version of this Caribbean classic. Sorrel is traditionally made in a glass jar on the back porch where the herbs, kissed by the Caribbean sun, were decocted to create a delicious and refreshing treat for kids and adults. The warm mix of hibiscus,ginger, cinnamon, spices and citrus are a favorite among Doctor Bird enthusiasts. DBE has put our own twist on this classic beverage by adding custom-blended cinnamon infused simple syrup and finishing our sorrel with a ginger kick and fizzy love. Mixes great with rum, vodka and gin. 
Love Elixir
This lady of a drink was inspired by love potions we found in rare herbal texts. Our mission was to create a beverage that would invite you to open your heart and connect. Love is a blend of floral notes including rose, damiana, meadowsweet, and hibiscus. We also use grounding herbs such as licorice, a Chinese herb name wu wei zhi (schizandra berry)and burdock root that offer a balanced taste with notes of plum.  We finish our love with a coconut sugar and honey hibiscus flower infused simple syrup, that gives your palate a pleasure punch of passion. Mixes great with gin and whiskey. 
Peace Elixir
Peace Elixir is a nervous system tonic and includes calming herbs and a very unique tasting basil/celery simple syrup. It also includes catnip (which does the opposite in humans that it does in cats) and other settling herbs like lavender, rose hips, & passionflower.  We think the Peace Elixir is the perfect pair for a relaxing afternoon in your favorite indie Portland Teahouse or on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean. Mixes great with gin and whiskey.